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Spring cleaning

Forgive the late, late post here today, a lot of stuff going on this weekend. I was able to catch the tail of today's ballgame, nice little RBI sac fly by Rick. When he's getting sawed off and still taking the ball the warning track, you gotta know dude has some pretty interesting power. It's getting closer and closer to Opening Day, and spring training will soon thankfully be over. It's not that I don't care about spring training, it's just you have to take so much of the performances with a grain of salt. While I'd like to get excited about how well the pitching has been so far, I seem to remember it was just last year Sid Ponson had a heck of a spring and won himself a job. Maybe we shouldn't take spring training all that seriously, but we do know that Tony La Russa does, and there are going to be players who get cut and players who make the team based on how well they do down in Jupiter. Just a few thoughts so far regarding this spring.

  • I didn't see Dennis Dove's outing today, someone fill me in on how he looked. Regardless, I think he has a very good shot of joining the team sometime even if it isn't out of camp. Guys who throw 97 don't grow on trees, and the Cards could use a power arm in middle relief.
  • Is this the last we'll see of Chris Narveson? He's only made three appearances all spring. He's out of options, and I'd hate to see the Cardinals lose him for nothing. With the Nationals desperate for pitching, how about shipping him to Washington for the VEB cult favorite Ryan Church?
  • Speaking of swan songs, what's up with So Taguchi? I know it's only spring, but it's hard to see justifying having him on the roster when Skip Schumaker can do the mostly same things he can, and from the left side of the plate.
  • Dear Juan Enarcaneasada: Don't hurry back. I know La Russa isn't all that sold on John Rodriguez, but I think most of us agree that he has some hitting ability and while I'm not wild about his defense, a Wilson/JRod platoon could be quite nifty.
With yet still a ton of crap on my plate today, that's all for now. Enjoy your Sunday.