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New Contest!

Nice quick summary of Cardinals farmhands in the winter leagues over at the official site. I have an irrational liking of Amaury Martí, which may or may not be related to his having the same last name as José. I as hoping that he'd have an outside chance at a bench job this spring, but I guess not, now that Preston Wilson is a Cardinal again.

Since lboros has some games planned for us, and since spring training is about to start gearing up, I that I should propose another for this spring training. My challenge is simple enough--let's actually anticipate what Tony will do, and read through all of the spring training non-competitions and whatnot, and also make these ultimately meaningless games a little more fun.

So, I challenge you to predict:

  1. The opening day 25 man roster
  2. The opening day starting nine, position and order
  3. The spring training HR leader (don't get cocky here: Albert'll get significantly fewer ABs than other guys--he beat out Chris Duncan by only one homer to get last years title)
  4. The spring training ERA leader (last year, five guys, led by Izzy, allowed no runs in spring training), ten inning minimum
  5. The guy who gets the most AB (Duncan)
  6. The guy who earns the most wins (Mulder)
That should be enough that thee aren't any duplicate winners. Person who gets 1) and 2) right, and the largest number of the following questions will earn her or himself a pair of game tickets when the Cardinals come to your town (or some other piece of swag if you're season ticket holder or the game is sold out or whatnot.) If it's Houston, I'll probably be going to that game, too.