Elimination Game (Added Poll)

Update3: Check out the poll.(End Update)

Update2: Just to clarify, once a player drops off the list, they are off for the rest of the game. (End Update)

Update: Since there are several players on the list, it would be virtually impossible to actually knock them all off with just each person voting once. Let's not stuff the proverbial ballot box (i.e. don't comment 20 times in a row) but I think voting once a day is totally reasonable. Now that some of the obvious villains are out, I'm interested to see how the rest shakes out. (End Update)

So I was bouncing around the internet procrastinating on going to the gym and doing my engineering homework, and I stumbled across what looks like it could be a fun game.  It's really simple.  I've created a list from the last 5 years of the more notable Cardinal players (apologies to the Ray King's and Tony Womack's of the Cardinal legacy).  Each player starts out with 10 points.

The game works like this.  Each commenter adds ONE point AND subtracts ONE point from any two players they want.  You have to do both.  When a player reaches 0 points, they're out.  I think it will be fun to see who gets the boot first and such.

Or this thread will flop horribly and no one will care.  In any event, it's Februrary and a few more weeks till pitchers and catchers report. Just place your plus and minus next to the person's name and change their point total.  (Watch out for comments that overlap...they could be problematic)

10 - Pujols
10 - Rolen
10 - Edmonds
10 - Carpenter
10 - Marquis
10 - Suppan
10 - Izzy
10 - Morris
10 - Lankford
10 - Matheny
10 - Renteria
10 - Drew
10 - T. Martinez

I've got some villains in there and some obvious heroes...  There isn't any rigorous rules to how you vote.  If you want to take a point off Pujols, more power to you.  Also, I know that this list leaves off a lot of Cardinal players but otherwise it takes forever.