community projections II: Kip Wells

kip wells is a tough guy to project. a 1st-round draft pick in 1998, he was rushed to the majors the following season having made only 11 starts above class A; he essentially learned on the job. by age 25 had become a pretty good big-leaguer; then his health faltered. wells has been battling circulatory problems since 2004, either pitching poorly or sitting on the DL for that entire 3-year period.

here's his career line. take a gander, then project his 2007 performance in the following categories:

  1. innings
  2. hits
  3. walks
  4. strikeouts
  5. homers
  6. wins
  7. losses
  8. era
for ease of compilation, i would appreciate it if you can submit your projections in comma-delimited format --- each number followed by a comma, with no spaces separating the numbers. for example, this


is how you would submit a projection for 250 innings, 225 hits, 80 walks, 235 ks, 25 hrs, a 20-10 record, and a 3.15 era.

i'll leave this thread up through the weekend and report out the numbers either monday or tuesday.