Future Hall of Famers

So the other night in my fight with insomnia I was thinking about the future Hall of Famers playing actively right now. After thinking about it, I came to realize that I believe that only one team has more future HoFs on their roster than our very own Cardinals. Therefore I have set out to pick these players out. These are all players that I feel are currently HoFs or are very close to being HoFs. This is only a projections based on my thoughts and opinions. I didn't research numbers. These are just my thoughts after watching too much baseball year after year.

St. Louis Cardinals
    As I see it, the Cards have 4 future HoFs on the roster.

*    Pujols - I believe he will challenge Musial for the distinction of the greatest Cardinal ever.
*    Rolen - Right now I think he is the 3rd greatest 3bagger of all time, behind Schmidt and just behind Brooks Robinson.
*    Edmonds - Our generation's Willie Mays.
*    Carpenter - Still needs to put together 4 or 5 good years but well on the wall to the hall.

Now I will analyze each team. Some players I will comment on, some I won't. Remember there is no real rhyme or reason to my picks, just my thoughts.

NL East

NY Mets
    2 HoFs
*    Glavine - No doubter
*    Beltran - Needs a couple more good years but well on his way
Atlanta Braves
    3 HoFs
*    Chipper Jones
*    Andruw Jones
*    John Smoltz - Man he would look good in a Cards jersey
Washington Nationals
    Ummm NO
Florida Marlins
    1 HoFs
*    Miguel Cabrera - He has a long ways to go but so far his stats are scary good
Philadelphia Phillies
    Right now I don't see anyone coming close yet to talking about

NL Central

Chicago Cubs
    1 HoF
*    Alfonso Soriano - Not a huge fan or him but has big numbers if looked at as a 2nd baseman, still think has a long ways to go but on his way.
Milwaukee Brewers
    No one right now to talk about. If Ben Sheets ever stayed healthy, I believe he could have been the best pitcher in the NL for quite a few years.
Houston Astros
    1 HoF
*    Craig Biggio - lock for the HoF
        If Andre Dawson ever gets in, then you might be able to consider Carlos Lee.
Pittsburg Pirates
Cincy Reds
    1 HoF
*    Griffey - No Discussion needed

NL West

LA Dodgers
    Right now I see no HoFs on this roster. I know the debate can be made for Nomar and Schmidt, but if I were a voter, they wouldn't have my votes.
Arizona Dbacks
    1 HoF
*    Randy Johnson - absolute lock
Colorado Rockies
    1 HoF
*    Helton - This is my thought only on reputation. I need to look more at his numbers to see if he deserves this.
San Diego Padres
    2 HoFs
*    Maddux - 2nd best pitcher of our generation
*    Hoffman - absolute lock
San Fransico Giants
    3 HoFs
*    Omar Vizquel - little Ozzie
*    Barry Zito - needs a couple more good years but on the right path
*    Barry Bonds - I'm ignoring the steroids debate, sick and tired or it.

Now for the American League

AL East

NY Yankees
    5 Hofs - This is the only team I see that has more future HoFs on the roster than the Cards
*    Mariano Rivera
*    Derek Jeter
*    Mike Mussina - this guy very often gets looked over but has put up huge numbers for both the Yanks and Orioles
*    Alex Rodriguez
*    Andy Pettite
Boston Red Sox
    3 HoFs
*    Manny Ramirez
*    Curt Schilling
*    David Ortiz - His debate will be very interesting. I think he better put together a couple more amazing years to have a chance.
Baltimore Orioles
    1 HoF
*    Miguel Tejada - Never gets enough credit for how good he really is.
Tampa Bay DevilRays
    No one at this point in time
Toronto BlueJays
    2 HoFs
*    Roy Halladay - needs to stay healthy but definetly has the ability to put up the numbers
*    Frank Thomas

AL Central

Chicago White Soxs
    Right now I see no one getting in the Hall. I am a huge Thome fan but he seems like a player the voters aren't a huge fan of. He's the only player with a realistic chance right now.
Cleveland Indians
    No one, but we need to revisit this team in a couple of years, lots of really good talent.
Minnesota Twinkies
    1 HoF
*    Johan Santana - He's kinda good.
Detroit Tigers
    2 HoFs
*    Ivan Rodriguez -  He may be the best catcher ever.
*    Gary Sheffield - Despite his character, he has been a good player for awhile now.
Kansas City Royals
    Surprise no one. However give some love to Mike Sweeney, he's an excellent player. Too bad he always played for the Royals.

AL West

LA Angels
    1 HoF
*    Vladimir Guerrero - It has to be a blast watching him hit every day for your team.
Oakland A's
    1 HoF
*    Mike Piazza - I wonder what its like having a catcher who can hit. ( A thought in every Card fan's mind)
Seattle Mariners
    Nope. Ichiro probably deserves it but I doubt voters will take his number from Japan in consideration. At the very least he meant a lot to MLB relationship with Asia.
Texas Rangers
    Not on this roster.

Well I know this will cause great debate and banter but its February, I'm bored, and its something to talk about. One interesting things I noticed, the Cards have more future HoFs than all of the AL Central. But feel free to rip apart everything I said, that's what its here for.