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October 6 Playoff Game Open Thread



14-12, 5.01

4-4, 4.28

the colorado game is the late game tonight; first pitch at 8:30 pm, central time --- at about exactly the time denver's first winter cold front is scheduled to waft through. if they do advance to the nlcs, it's supposed to warm back up here next week into the 70s, but during the nighttime playoff-game hours temps will be in the 40s. at least, we hope they're that high . . . the cub/dback game starts at 5 pm central, rich hill v livan hernandez. visit Purple Row, The Good Phight, Bleed Cubbie Blue, and AZ Snakepit for hometown game-threading.

briefly on saturday morning:

  • in a p-d article this morning about la russa's impending decision, joe strauss writes: "One club employee who recently spoke with La Russa admitted he would be shocked if La Russa returned given the current climate. Another detailed how La Russa discussed his relationship with the club in past tense."
  • and in this article, reviewing jocketty's press conference yesterday, strauss says: "Jocketty described manager Tony La Russa as `surprised ... surprised and disappointed' when he learned of the move. When he does return to a front office, Jocketty said, he would embrace working again with La Russa."
  • and now read this piece from the Sporting News: the walt/tony to cincinnati rumor is back in circulation.
dot . . . . dot . . . . dot. think it'll happen? are these guys vindictive? a move to cincinnati essentially would perpetuate the feud of the past 13 months, but recast it from an internal rift to an external one. if tony/jock are bound and determined to prove that they're right and dewitt is wrong, there'd be no better way to do it than to stay within the division and compete head-on with their old boss --- our way vs your way, and may the better man win. i pray it doesn't happen --- not because i think walt/tony would squash the cards, but because i'm so dadgum weary of this particular argument. should it continue indefinitely in another form ---- and should it continue to incite the passions of VEB's loyal readers --- i might have to start rooting for the rockies full-time. . . . .