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October 4 Playoff Game Open Thread

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3-2, 3.43

10-4, 3.87

franklin morales is one of two rookie pitchers colorado put into their rotation in the 2d half. he joined on august 18, a month after ubaldo jimenez (who made his first start july 19). with those two rookies in the rotation, the rockies shaved about 3/4 of a run off their team era --- 4.60ish before july 19, 3.87 thereafter.

this game starts at 2 pm central time; the yanks and indians are on at 5:30 (wang vs sabathia), and the cubs and dbacks wrap things up beginning at 9 o'clock in a matchup of southpaws (lilly v davis). all the games are on TBS. this is a generic thread for all 3 games today.

Update [2007-10-4 19:10:23 by lboros]: silly me --- i completely forgot to add links to the SB Nation sites corresponding to today's playoff participants:

phillies: The Good Phight
rockies: Purple Row
yankees: Pinstripe Alley
indians: Let's Go Tribe
cubs: Bleed Cubbie Blue
dbacks: AZ Snakepit