Mozeliak the new GM

Press Conference at 3pm.

This is per Bernie.

This freaking stinks. He isn't bad I suppose, but I thought Antonetti would be a step in the right direction for this organization.

Oh well, here's hoping Mo will prove me wrong.

Update [2007-10-31 13:10:56 by lboros]: mozeliak has some talent, and he might work out just fine --- it's too soon to say what he will do. he deserves a chance. but the troubling thing is that the cardinals wanted antonetti, and he turned them down. that's inauspicious, to say the least.

Update [2007-10-31 13:34:12 by lboros]: rec'd this e-mail from a source outside of st louis: "Shapiro might be stepping to CEO to give Antonetti the reigns. It's more about CLE than STL."