Jocketty out as Cards GM

The Cardinals and general manager Walt Jocketty have "parted ways," according to a source with direct knowledge of the situation. ?OpenDocument

Assistant general manager John Mozeliak has been named interim GM by Cardinals chairman Bill DeWitt Jr. and is a candidate to succeed Jocketty on a full-time basis. Ok, who should the new GM be? Post Ideas once we have enough I will post a poll, keep in mind the Lunhow is not a candidate at this time.

Update [2007-10-3 16:42:56 by lboros]: i promoted this from the diaries section and deleted the duplicates --- thanks to everybody who posted this news, i'm rather late to find it out. i'm stunned, frankly; didn't see it coming. walt did great things for this franchise and ranks among its all-time front-office luminaries. rather obviously, the difference of opinion about the direction of the franchise came to a head. it's just over 1 year since luhnow was promoted at the expense of bruce manno; apparently walt never got over that, and couldn't live with the implications. he was reportedly unhappy all season, and the revelations of the last couple of days (particularly the comment in joe strauss's article that farm-system personnel were afraid to talk to luhnow's guys, for fear of reprisal from the jocketty camp) paint a pretty stark picture of an unworkable marriage.