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heeeeere's chris

i was getting kinda nervous about the antonetti situation; as the days passed and no news appeared, i was starting to wonder if perhaps things had hit a snag --- like, maybe he didn't want la russa as his manager, luhnow as his scouting director, and/or big mo as his ass't gm. and then, in today's post-dispatch, this:

The Cardinals won't call Chris Antonetti the front-runner to become their next general manager, but the club did call the up-and-coming Cleveland Indians executive and his wife to Busch Stadium for a meeting Friday morning with team president Mark Lamping and a tour of the facility. . . .

Antonetti, who along with his wife Sarah were to stay in St. Louis overnight before returning today to Cleveland, referred to himself as "still in the process" with no date given for a resolution. Friday's tour included [vists to] numerous neighborhoods. . . .

[Antonetti] has signed off on both La Russa as manager and Jeff Luhnow as vice-president in charge of amateur scouting and player development. . . . .

Asked to classify Antonetti's standing, Lamping described him as "one person on a very short list."

how short is that list? it's so short, you could argue whether it actually qualifies as a list at all . . . . . while the article does name the other people who've interviewed for the job, i haven't heard about any of those individuals getting flown in for tours of the stadium; i haven't seen any of their pictures in the paper; i haven't read that any of them are driving around the city with their wives, looking at neighborhoods. and i haven't heard that any of those individuals have "signed off" on anything; i never realized a mere candidate for a job had sign-off authority.

here's what bernie had to say at about midnight:

Has he been offered the gig? Not sure. I think so. But not sure. If offered, will he take it? Again, I think so -- but only Mr. Antonetti knows that. But someone I spoke to today who knows him says Antonetti is excited about the opportunity. He likes Luhnow's approach, has no problem with it, because Luhnow's approach to player evaluation is keyed in with Antonetti's own system and philosophy. He is good with La Russa. No problem there.

The way it was explained to me was, simply: it's the Cardinals. One of the most storied franchises in professional sports, and a team that wants to win while incorporating a more modern approach. You're a 33-yr old assistant GM who has been waiting for a shot. If the Cardinals tap you on the shoulder, how can you say no? I guess Antonetti could say no. I don't know when a better job will come along, though.

all the documents may not be signed yet, but he's gonna be the new gm. film at 11.