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ALCS Game 3 / NLCS Game 4 Open Thread

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8-8, 4.30

3-2, 3.43

and still the debate rages over the cardinals' re-signing of joel pineiro --- 179 comments in 5 hours, and still going strong. all for a #5 starter. . . . . i'll do a little research tonight and see if it changes my initial reaction to the signing, which is (cough, ahem) unenthusiastic.

anybody know if a team from either league has swept both the lds and the lcs in the same year? off the top o' me head, i can't think of a time that it happened. last year's tigers, the '05 chisox, the '99 yanks, and '95 braves all got through the 1st two rounds with only 1 loss; can't think of any team that went 7-0. the rockies will go for that tonight at 9 pm central. early game is a 6 central, matsuzaka v westbrook. join the chat on SB Nation:

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