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NLCS Game 3 Open Thread

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11-11, 4.93

10-9, 4.94

both of these pitchers will be free agents this winter. fogg outpitched livan this year and wasn't much worse than him last year, but he'll probably get offered about 1/2 as much as hernandez in terms of annual salary, and about 1/5 as much in terms of the overall package. his overall stats were extremely similar to brad thompson's --- allowed a .293 / .359 / .495 line, vs brad's .297 / .362 / .495 (starter only). i figure just about every organization has got a brad thompson-like chap on its 40-man, who can provide that level of performance for the league minimum . . . . yet some team will pay fogg $4m a year for the same output, and they'll pay livan hernandez $10m a year for not much better. whacky.

the new world record is in the books ---- the boys in o'fallon played more than 31 consecutive hours of baseball. congratulations, gents.