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ALCS Game 2 Open Thread

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19-6, 3.06

9-8, 3.87

screw major-league baseball. the rockies and dbacks staged a tense playoff mini-classic last night, and almost nobody got to see it. i myself turned off the set at midnight (mountain time), after the dbacks tied it at 2 in the bottom of the 9th; it was 1 a.m. in st louis by then, and 2 a.m. on the east coast. the game ended in the 11th, nearly an hour later. here's how the winning rally went: infield hit, flyout, walk, popup, walk, walk. judging from the game log, it looks like jose valverde flat-out choked: the first two walks came on 3-2 counts, but the one that forced in the winning run was on 4 pitches.

i can only guess, because i didn't see it. neither did a large segment of the long-suffering fans out here in denver. and without question not many kids got to watch it. picture yourself at age 10, with the cards in the playoffs for the first time in your (literally) life, missing all the drama of a classic game because it transpires after you've fallen asleep or have been sent to bed. that's where a lot of kids find themselves in this town --- not to mention the 40somethings like me who, at the end of a work week, are lucky to stay sentient through the 10 o'clock news. by the top of the 9th inning, i was falling asleep between pitches; i was asleep for most of the 1st batter in the bottom of that inning.

plenty of fans made it to the bitter end, but a lot of us didn't --- and that's just here in denver. if you're a baseball fan in cincinnati or dc or minneapolis or st louis, why make the effort? i've followed the rockies pretty closely all year, and i'm about as committed a fan as this sport has --- and i voluntarily walked out on one of its showcase events because they couldn't put it on at a decent hour. i'm sure i wasn't the only one.

like i said, screw mlb.

but god bless the brave souls who are staging a different type of through-the-night baseball marathon. i don't know how i missed this, but a bunch of st louisans are attempting this weekend to set a record for the longest baseball game ever played. derrick goold is playing centerfield on one of the teams; he blogged about it thursday and again yesterday. the first pitch was thrown about 5 minutes ago, per the game's official website. the action is being streamed live at this link. they're playing at TR Hughes Ballpark in O'Fallon; the web site has directions to the park. if you want to go down and witness baseball history, the record-breaking moment will occur at 2:06 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. proceeds will go to Gene Slay's Boys' Club in St. Louis; the fundraising goal of is $100,000.

the top of the 1st just ended ---- no score, one man stranded. . . . .

per the p-d, the cards are in negotiations with joel pineiro on a multiyear deal. . . . . that's not encouraging. are they going to bring back everybody from this wretched team?

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