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October 12 LCS Thread: NLCS Game 2 / ALCS Game 1



4-4, 4.28

13-12, 4.25

rockies are the late game, beginning at roughly 9 pm central time, or 10 pm eastern. that ought to be great for the tv ratings. . . . really, we all should be thankful the cardinals aren't involved in this hash of a postseason. wait another 10 days, when the boston-denver world series begins; they'll be playing until 1 a.m. in sub-freezing temps. what a showcase for the sport.

the alcs opener starts at 6 pm central and pits a couple of cy young candidates against one another; might be worth watching. in our prediction contest last week, 18 commenters correctly predicted this matchup, a healthy total. now here's the amazing thing: 16 of those 18 forecasters predicted the indians would beat the sox in the alcs. for the record, the clear crystal-ballers were The Dude (indians 7), MdRedbirdFreak (sox), erik (sox 6), JMedwick (indians 6), AustinBOB (indians 6), WiscCard (indians 7), pistol (indians 6), Alxfritz (indians 6), abstl (indians 7), jusk (indians 7), Carolinacardinal (indians 6), stl tyler (indians 4), moboiler (indians 7), stlcardinalsfang (indians 7), redbirds6 (indians 6), richardcjy (indians 6), Trayton in Seattle (indians 7), and acham8206 (indians 5).

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