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NLCS Game 1 Open Thread

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17-9, 4.22

18-10, 3.01

i just heard on the radio that there are unsold tickets for this game; how depressing. that's not the case here in denver; when the series shifts here sunday coors field will be a madhouse, no matter how games 1 and 2 go.

this new schedule sucks, imho; these teams haven't played in nearly a week. it's the middle of the playoffs, and they've had more consecutive days off than they have since february. the same thing will happen between the lcs and the world series. disrupts the rhythms of the game. . . . .

. . . pay attn, younger readers. this is what happens when you get older. everything makes you grumpy.

rockies chatter on SB Nation at Purple Row; dbacks chatter at AZ Snakepit.