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2007 ZIPS projections

the long-awaited st louis ZIPS projections are up at BTF. lot of punchless bats on the roster, per this forecast, but the young arms look very sound. jeff weaver projects to a 4.28 era in this telling; anthony reyes, about 40 points lower. by these lights randy keisler (this year's version of dennis tankersley) should prob'y be in the discussion alongside chris narveson as a candidate for the #6/#7 starter role; and in a dire emergency, ZIPS doesn't think blake hawksworth would be a disastrous option. the system also thinks troy cate and andy cavazos are both ready to contribute at the big-league level, and that ricardo rincon's got nothing left. other interesting projections: ryan ludwick and nick stavinoha.

i'll have a lot more to say about these on monday.

also: no post from Erik this weekend. if the baby hasn't arrived by this evening, they're gonna induce pregnancy.....d'oh, i mean labor. induce labor. i'm an idiot . . . . best wishes to Mrs. Erik for an easy delivery and a healthy mom + child.