Viva El Birdos Fantasy Baseball League (Updated, Again)

I had a thought,"Viva El Birdos is a baseball blog, and it is probably read by baseball fans.  Those fans probably play fantasy baseball.  I think I can get a VEB league going."

I was the Commish of the football league, whose final standings I never posted because a) I lost in the semifinals and b) I was in the hospital pretty much from week 17 to mid-January.  So I really can't tell you who won, just not me.

But who wants to join a VEB league, I was gonna run it through Yahoo! but if you guys have a preference for another FREE league, just say the word.

Ok,by my count, we have 75 people signed up @ 4:30pm 2-07-07. I'll take people up til the draft. I'll figure out the type of leagues and what not. Also DON'T WORRY ABOUT LEAVING YOUR EMAIL, you'll here from me later. I'll probably announce leagues & stuff like that later.

Note: if we get 9 more people, we can have 7 12-people leagues or 6 14-people leagues.

Leagues are up and running, join to whichever you want.