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weaver: a little birdie told me

word from a very reliable source is that boras has told jeff weaver not to worry, he's gonna get him that 4 yr /$40m deal. the agent is prepared to hold out for it, even if they have to wait into spring training, but weaver's getting cold feet --- and jocketty is playing that angle expertly. weaver really wants to return to st louis, but still isn't ready to settle for less than top dollar. not yet. quoting my source directly: "if money were no issue, weaver would move to st louis right now."

i'm also told that seattle and the dodgers have not made their last phone calls to boras; ie, they may still be competing for weaver's services.

all of this is consistent with everything we've seen / heard in the papers and on the radio. it's not really new information, just confirmation of what has already been reported or surmised. the only piece that doesn't fit: why the hell would the dodgers still be pursuing a pitcher?

Update [2007-1-24 9:50:30 by lboros]: more on weaver in this morning's post-dispatch