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roster matrix update

a number of people requested an updated roster matrix to reflect the mulder and franklin signings. it has been quite a while (more than a month) since i posted one; i am pretty sure this is completely current, but if i left anybody out you'll let me know. one explanatory note: it was pointed out a while back that i have not been consistent in accounting for deferred money. i've been listing edmonds' salary as $8m, ie without the $3m he's deferring (his official salary is $11m), but i have been listing rolen and pujols at their full official salaries ($12m and $15m, respectively) even though both of them, like edmonds, are deferring significant sums --- $2m by rolen, and $3m by albert. i've adjusted the matrix to include all the deferred money in the current-year salaries, because that seems to be standard practice; all the sources i've checked list salaries that way. at usa today, for example, rolen's salary for 2006 is listed as $12.4m, even though he deferred $2m last year. it's listed the same way at baseball-reference (which, for all i know, uses usa today as its source for salary info). i checked 3 or 4 other big-league contracts with significant deferred amounts in them, and the deferred money is always counted as part of the current-year salary; so that's how we'll do it here from now on.


molina c
taguchi of
carpenter rhp
is'hausen rhp
pujols 1b
spiezio ut
reyes rhp
looper rhp
kennedy 2b
bennett c
k wells rhp
kinney rhp
rolen 3b
miles if
wainwright rhp
johnson lhp
eckstein ss
j-rod of
mulder lhp
flores lhp
duncan lf
schumaker of
franklin rhp
hancock rhp
edmonds cf
marrero ut
narveson lhp
thompson rhp
en'cion rf
e gonzalez if
kiesler lhp
springer rhp
ludwick of
hawksworth rhp
rincon lhp

so there's $5m left in the budget, by my lights. note that taguchi is not officially under contract; i've assumed he'll be signed, based on statements by la russa and jocketty. but lately the team has been talking about re-signing preston wilson (more on that in a moment), which might drive the bottom line as high as $97m, very close to the now-legendary $100m cutoff. of course, there is still every chance that money (most likely looper's) will be dumped along the way; absent that, or an increase in the overall payroll, there doesn't appear to be any money left for another big acquisition.

where'd the money go? last time i ran this exercise, the bottom line stood at $82.5m. since then, the cards have added mulder ($5m), springer ($1.8m), and franklin ($1m), while raising miles to $1m (a $600K increase). so there's $8.8m in new spending. then there's the accounting change, ie the $3m deferred from edmonds' contract; with that added in, the increase is at $11.8. and the last $200K or so of the increase comes from the bump in the league minimum --- i had it at $350K in the last matrix, but somebody pointed out that the new CBA calls for a $380K minimum this year.

now, if we decide not to count the three deferrals (which total $8m), then the cardinals are only commited for $86.6m in current-year payroll --- and that makes the acquisition of another impact player well within reach. this, frankly, seems like the proper way to count it, but apparently it isn't done that way. there also are incentives, of course; mulder can earn a big chunk, and albert is seemingly good for $200,000 in bonuses every year. looper, franklin, and miles also have sizeable incentive clauses. i'm not counting those, but maybe the club is. i don't know.

in any case, that's the current state of the payroll.

walter jocketty made an appearance on bernie's radio show yesterday, the gist of which is summarized here. the interview in bullet-point form:

  • no free-agent starters under consideration except weaver, and him only at the right price (ie, for cheap)
  • izzy expected back by opening day, freeing wainwright to start
  • jock has carp, reyes, wells, wainwright penciled in as the top 4 starters to open the season, with the 5th coming from among franklin, looper, thompson, and narveson
  • they're considering "various options" for a rh-hitting outfielder, including preston wilson; waiting out the market, hoping to get a cheaper deal. taguchi is expected back, and schumaker might see some spot duty in cf.
  • ankiel is ticketed for triple A
finally, there was this information on mulder:
On Mulder's health: Dr. Paletta participated in the surgery and has close-up knowledge of what they did, and what was wrong. Paletta checked on Mulder recently and is confident that the rehab is progressing well. The Cardinals think Mulder can be on a mound in June, and do his minor-league tour, which will be a spring training -- and then be with the Cardinals as of July 1.
that timetable really concerns me, especially in light of yesterday's post; but hey, they're the experts. i hope it works out.

finally, here's an update on troy cate's exploits in the mexican pacific league: after going 3-1, 1.21 in 6 regular-season games (4 starts) for mazatlan, he drew the game 1 assignment in the opening round of the playoffs and turned in a scoreless 7-inning, 4-hit start (0 walks, 4 strikeouts) vs navojoa. his teammate (and fellow stl farmhand) edgar v gonzalez had a hot series with the bat --- 8 for 18 (.444) with a double, a homer, and 3 walks --- as mazatlan breezed to a 4 games to 1 win. the second round gets underway tonight: mazatlan vs culiacan. i haven't been able to locate the probables online, but i'm guessing cate has the game 1 assignment again. why the hell wouldn't he?

follow the action at the league website; click on "boxscores" to get the results.