Now with Mulder signed, it seems unlikely the Cardinals will re-sign Weaver. It's unknown what kind of money Weaver is being offered, but when Marquis gets 21M/3yr, one can draw the conclusion that Weaver will be able to get more than we should be willing to pay.

He'll probably sign for 28M/3yr in the next week, and the Cardinals PR machine will say they wanted him back but he wanted too much guaranteed money and some fans will jeer Weaver for leaving when WE ALL KNOW he owes his career to Dave Duncan and will resume sucking as soon as he goes to another team.

So assuming we're confident Weaver will suck on another team, why don't we just wait for him to flop? Then we just wait for the phone to ring when that team tries to unload him (to the only club who could possibly have any interest in the bum).

Yeah, he could be awesome for his next team and we'll wish we had kept him...and Gil Meche could win the AL Cy Young and lead the Royals to the World Series...

even if he never comes back, we'll always have October 2006.