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mulder re-signs with stl

per bernie, at the press box: a6a8e1ade

and it's now being reported by espn --- 2 years, $13m guaranteed, with option for a 3d year. total package (with all incentives) could total 3 years, $45m, but given his health status it seems extremely unlikely he could trigger all those incentive clauses. for all intents/puposes, it's a 2-year, $13m deal.

bad idea imho, for reasons explained here. the $13m guarantee is not the issue; in this market, that's not such a terrible bet to place. the big problem with this signing is the opportunity cost. mulder, when he returns, will take starts/innings away from other pitchers who might well be better than he is. he also further muddies an already murky rotation picture. we won't know for 6 to 7 months whether he is capable of helping the team this year --- but until that question is answered, the team will probably scale down its pursuit of other rotation help. if they do in fact wait for mulder to come around, the delay could be very costly in the win column.

seems to me they're taking a huge risk. and mulder is not a player i would risk a lot on.