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Game 140 Open Thread: September 8, 2006

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reyes hernandez
5-6, 4.31 10-12, 5.24

VEB wardrobe update: considerable interest in red VEB t-shirts; you guys are awesome. i'll keep the request thread open through the weekend and then send off the requests to my vendor next monday. head on over to that diary for updated info on shirt logo / design. the intent is for all these garments to be delivered in time for the playoffs --- thanks to everybody for the great support.

cyril morong at SB Nation brother site Beyond the Boxscore has been tracking a pujols-related gimmick stat: el hombre has a chance to become only the 10th player in history to hit 40+ homers in a season and finish with more hr than strikeouts. he currently has 44 hr and 40 whiffs. last man to accomplish the feat was bonds (2004); prior to that, it hadn't happened since 1955 (ted kluszewski). even more amazing (citing morong), there have only been two players since 1959 to have more hr than strikeouts while hitting as many as 10 homers. obviously, bonds '04 is one of them; anybody think they can guess the other? prize for a correct answer = one of those selling-like-hotcakes red t-shirts.

this year's #1 draft pick, adam ottavino, starts the deciding game for quad cities tonight in round 1 of the midwest league playoffs. no complaints about this kid's debut season -- struck out a man an inning, held opponents to a .211 average, and kept the ball in the park (4 hr in 65+ inn). he struggled with his control, partly because he's (cough) learning to throw the 2-seamer, but that'll come. another 2006 draftee, tyler norrick, may be available in relief. you can follow tonight's game live at the team's official site or via gameday at the midwest league's page.