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Game 139 Open Thread: September 7, 2006

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weaver batista
5-14, 5.92 10-5, 4.34

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if you missed it in this morning's thread, is'hausen's hip may force him to the sidelines; he's seeing a doc asap, and tony n dave are talking openly to reporters and radio audiences about shutting him down. the large dump-izzy faction of cardinal nation will likely now get its wish; some combination of wainwright looper and situational lefties will prob'y close in jason's absence.

i'm glad they'll have healthy pitchers closing out games, and i hope they pitch well. i also hope izzy comes back healthy in time for october. . . . .

the palm beach cardinals' defense of their FSL title lasted just two games; st. lucie beat them 6-5 last night to complete an opening-round sweep. game summaries available from the palm beach post and the cardinals' other class A postseason entrant, quad cities, also lost last night in its series opener, 2-0. trey hearne was the tough-luck loser, yielding only 2 hits and an unearned run in 5 innings while striking out 8. adam daniels will start tonight's game in the best-of-3 set.