VEB t-shirt news

a number of people have expressed interest in a red VEB t-shirt. my VEB Store vendor, Astropitch Inc., does not carry a stock red shirt. however, they are willing to do a special run for us --- we just have to pre-order, so they know how many of the red shirts to make.

so if you want a red shirt, please leave your request here, in the comments. however many requests we get, that's how many shirts i will have the guy run. i'd also like your suggestions for the slogan to go on the back of the shirt --- clean n classy only, please, and no anti-cub stuff. i'll toss a few out to start the discussion:

  • Viva La Vida (means "Live the Life")
  • Red Planet
  • United States of Albert
  • our current grey t-shirt says "Los Birdos Son Todos" ("The Birds Are Everything") on the back; we could just use that slogan, too. those shirts remain available, by the way --- sold a bunch of those at the beginning of the season, but i haven't been pimping very well and the sales are down. if you want one of those, just click on the VEB Store link and order from there.

    while we're at it, if there's other VEB swag you'd like to see --- coffee mugs, bumper stickers, etc etc --- post a comment.

    disclaimer: Astropitch bears no relation to the houston baseball team of the same name. this company is based in oakland CA.

    Update [2006-9-8 17:23:54 by lboros]: re the copyright status of the original "bravo bravo el birdos" logo, designed in 1967 by longtime P-D cartoonist Amadee Wohlschlaeger --- i have three calls pending, awaiting returns. if i can get that issue resolved by middle of next week, there should still be time to execute that design (which Hardcore Legend proposed --- see the thread below for a mockup) and get the shirts delivered before the playoffs. if i can't get the matter settled that quickly, we'll have to go with another design for this particular shirt -- but i will keep pursuing the "bravo bravo" idea for future implementation. if the cards can stay alive long enough in the playoffs . . . . .

    thanks again to ev'yone for the strong response.