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Game 158 Open Thread: September 28, 2006

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marquis davis
14-15, 5.80 10-11, 5.02

two program notes. first of all, thanks to the commenters who expressed appreciation for this a.m.'s post. i've been away from the computer most of the day and never got a chance to respond within the thread, but i do want to acknowledge your remarks -- they were definitely well received on my end. i'm glad that theme resonated with a lot of you, and i appreciate the kind words.

second item: those of you who are St Louis Rams fans will want to check out the new rams blog on SB Nation, called Turf Show Times. it's written by someone who is familiar to many, maybe most of you -- Ryan Van Bibber, the founder of Cardinals Diaspora and a frequent poster at VEB. if you've read Diaspora, you know you can expect high-quality content at TST; ryan does excellent work. Turf Show Times doesn't officially go live until saturday, day before the rams' next game (vs the lions). i believe TST will have a game thread, so if you're a football fan check it out.

now to tonight's game. will carroll had this to say today at baseball prospectus about jim edmonds' recovery:

A lot -- and by a lot, I mean 100 or more -- of people pointed out that Jim Edmonds simply didn't look right in the field. While I didn't get more than a fast-forward look at the game, various reports tell me that Edmonds looked confused, had poor routes to the ball, seemed to stagger at times, and made what one knowledgeable source called "a pointless throw back to the infield." Edmonds clearly has problems, as evidenced by both this episode and his no-fly status. Whether he can be productive remains to be seen. His risk? That's unquestionable.
if the cardinals make the playoffs, they'll likeliest open it on the west coast, at either los angeles or san diego. anybody know if edmonds could / would make that trip? if he can't fly, maybe he can travel by trailer or tour bus, a la john madden? i've driven from st louis to l.a. several times; it's a minimum of 30 hours on the road. for jed to get out to socal in time for a tuesday game, he'd have to leave busch sunday right after the game and spend that whole night and all the next day on the interstate -- presumably with decent sleeping quarters and a couple of drivers to spell each other. that'd put him at the team hotel sometime late monday night or in the wee hours of tuesday. on the return trip, same thing -- leave right after the game thursday, drive through the night and all day friday, pull up in front of busch early saturday.

doable; not optimal.

re marquis: for all we know, tonight will be his final start as a cardinal. it's his 97th since he joined the team, which will leave jason tied for 12th place in games started for the cardinals over the last 33 years -- the period covered by david pinto's day-by-day database:

  1. forsch, 401
  2. morris, 206
  3. andujar, 153
  4. cox, 150
  5. deleon, 145
  6. denny, 144
  7. tewksbury, 142
  8. magrane, 139
  9. osborne, 138
  10. tudor, 125
  11. an benes, 123
  12. mcglothen, 97
  13. marquis, 96
  14. ken hill, 96
the cardinals have used 145 different starting pitchers over that 32-year span, so 12th place ain't nothing to sneeze at. over the same period, jason ranks 15th on the franchise list in wins and 16th in innings pitched. for a pitcher as outrageously inconsistent as jason, he has at been consistently there -- he shows up for work.

he does so, perhaps for the last time in this town, tonight.