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Game 152 Open Thread: September 22, 2006

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narveson hirsh
0-0, 4.50 3-4, 5.59

big news, per bernie: edmonds might play tomorrow. he's en route to houston this evening. also, eckstein returns to the lineup tonight. maybe they'll start to look like the cardinals again . . . .

jason marquis has been scratched from tonight's game due to back spasms, so chris narveson will make his 1st big-league start for the cardinals tonight. narveson's #1 comp at baseball prospectus is former stl hotshot prospect allen watson. per dan szymborski's MLE calculations, narvie's minor-league performance this year translates into this line:

ip h w so hr w-l era whip
95 102 43 53 18 5-8 5.40 1.53

turns out his starts and innings pitched are about half of what marquis' are, so if we just double narveson's MLE we can produce a pretty close comp:

ip h w so hr w-l era whip
narveson 190 204 86 106 36 10-16 5.40 1.53
marquis 187 207 69 93 33 14-15 5.82 1.48

pretty much the same pitcher --- 'ceptin one made $5m. how does the missed start affect marquis' campaign for a place in the october rotation? is it just a cover story, a gesture to help jason save face when he's banished to the october 'pen? might there be a real injury involved here?

nah, what are the odds of that . . . .

houston manager phil garner was not surprised the cardinals pitched to berkman last night -- but the decision did cause an astro player or two to raise an eyebrow :

"You've got a guy with pinpoint control on the mound who can make the pitches that he wants," manager Phil Garner said. "You don't want to put that big go-ahead run on with Luke Scott up, especially the way he's swinging the last few months and days."

Maybe so, but Berkman was a bit surprised that Carpenter decided to pitch to him.

"I was a little surprised, but I wasn't shocked," Berkman said. "It was one of those situations where I felt like [most] certainly get walked. At the same time, they might try the old unintentional intentional [walk] where they try to make some tough pitches."

"I couldn't believe it," Pettitte said of Berkman's home run. "He's a great hitter, obviously, and he's one of the best hitters I've played with. I didn't think they would pitch to him at that time. I didn't think they were going to let him beat them."