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Game 150 Open Thread: September 19, 2006

weaver sheets
3-4, 5.48 5-6, 4.08

T-shirt update: word comes from the VEB store that only a handful of orders have been placed for the red VEB t-shirts. just to be clear: if you expressed an interest in this thread in getting a red t-shirt, that does not constitute an actual order; that was just to help the vendor gauge how many red shirts to produce. to actually get your shirt(s), you still have to click on the store link and place an actual order there, with a shipping address and payment information and all that stuff. some extra shirts were produced, so if you never expressed an interest before you can probably still pick up one of these fashionable garments in your size.

a little bit of followup from last night's game: albert pujols' game-tying dinger added about .33 to the cardinals' win probability and extended el hombre's lead in individual WPA among mlb players to 1.20 games (ryan howard is 2d). in the same category, anthony reyes reinforced his solid standing as the cardinals' 3d-best starting pitcher, behind carpenter and suppan but well ahead of weaver and marquis.

pujols and carpenter are a combined +13 in WPA this year; the other 23 cardinals are a combined -9. if that doesn't define "valuable," i don't know what does.