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Game 149 Open Thread: September 18, 2006

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reyes capuano
5-7, 5.03 11-11, 3.66

early game-thread post, i know. i'm single-dadding this week, and this afternoon/evening's sched will keep me away from the keyboard from now until after 1st pitch.

i thought the brewers had a chance to put on a 2d-half run if they could get their pitching together. with sheets and okha returning to the rotation, their pitching has indeed improved in the 2d half -- about 3/4 of an earned run better after the break than before. they have essentially pitched even with two of the teams they were chasing (the cardinals and reds). but just as the pitching came around, milwaukee stopped scoring -- they're 15th in the nl in runs scored since the all-star game, barely 4 a game. they lost three big contributors -- carlos lee via trade, rickie weeks and jj hardy to injury -- and have slugged just .392 since the break.

capuano was a 1st-half cy young candidate, but he's 1-7 since the break despite pretty good peripheral stats. the telling difference: he allowed just 1 homer per 13 innings before the break, 1 per 5 innings since.

who knows what the plans are for reyes at this point. for the first time this season, he's getting the nod over an available veteran -- marquis could go today on normal rest. i don't know if this means anthony is still in the mix for the playoff rotation, and i'm done reading tea leaves. he needs a good start. the two questions in my mind:

  1. how's his velocity?
  2. can he spot the fastball?
if he's hitting 92ish consistently and moving that pitch around (but within) the strike zone, i don't really care whether he yields a run or 4. if he's not doing those things . . . . well, that will become apparent in the results.