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Game 148 Open Thread: September 17, 2006

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Weaver Sanchez
6-14 5.95 3-0, 2.40

Big congrats to Carpy on win #100. That was another amazing performance and he furthered his Cy Young case. (Juan screwed him on an earned run. Dude makes some great plays in the field, and some real brain dead ones, doesn't he?. If you didn't see the play, just ask somebody. Embarrassing.) We all know it's pretty much a two horse race between Webb and Carpenter for the Cy, but I hope voters consider a couple things before they punch their ballots.

A.) Lack of run support leads to this unfortunate exhibit.

  • 4/8 @ CHC 8 IP 0 ER - no decision
  • 4/14 vs Cin 8 IP 1 ER- loss
  • 4/ 29 vs Wsh 7 IP 1 ER -- nd
  • 5/ 9 vs Col 7 IP 1 ER - nd
  • 5/14 vs Ari 6 IP 0 ER - nd
  • 6/28 vs Cle 7 IP 1 ER - nd
  • 8/26 vs CHC 8 IP 1 ER - nd

B.) While Webb has had some dominant months, he's also had a couple of bad ones. 5.08 ERA for the month of June and 5.01 in the month of August. The D-backs fell out of the race for good in August going 10-18.

Carp's worst month was May were he missed a couple of starts and had a 3.96 ERA for the month. He's been the model of consistency and I dread where this team would be without him. If you give him a W in half of his no decisions, and this ain't even really a contest. (The writers still love those W-L records, don't they?)

Last note on yesterday's game, that was a nice moment between Matt Morris and the fans yesterday. St. Louis still loves ya Matty Mo.

Weaver is taking the hill today, so I'm sure we'll see about every lefty-hitter the Giants have and then some. Weaver's splits as a Cardinal is a freak show. ERA-9.88 ERA to lefties, 2.35 on righties. 6.82 at home, 4.13 on the road. So perhaps TLR should use his famous creativity and designate a new role for him: Road ROOGy. Kinda has a nice ring to it. But the "split" that has been troubling (and lboros has mentioned this repeatedly) is his drop in k's since coming over. The thing that made Weaver attractive to this team in the first place was that in spite of an ungodly and seemingly unlucky hit and HR rate as an Halo, he still maintained a healthy K/9 ratio of 6.3 and a BB/9 rate of 2.1. That was taken as an indicator that he should've rebounded nicely. But as a Card, his K/9 rate has dropped to 4.7 and his BB/9 ratio 3.15. Bad luck is no longer there to blame, that's just shoddy. The flyer seemed worth it to me at the time, but now I want Terry Evans back.

Lefty alert! Weaver is opposed by Jonathan Sanchez, a light-weight southpaw Puerto Rican who has moved around from the bullpen to starting this season. He was rated by John Sickels as the Giants #7 prospect at the beginning of the season and boasts 301 k's in 229 minor league innings. It's his 3rd season as a pro, and he's already in the show.

A sad bit of news, but not unexpected: Izzy is officially done for the year. And possibly for even longer then that, like as in forever. Hate to see him go on such a low note. I hope Izzy knows in spite of the boos he received this season, there are a lot of Cardinal fans out there who appreciated his contributions and are rooting for his comeback.

Here's to a sweep.