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Game 147 Open Thread: September 16, 2006

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carpenter morris
14-6, 2.84 10-13, 4.71

programming info: i'm off to phoenix for the day; conference, buncha historians. the past, the past, the past, the past . . . . . . i'll have a moment at midday to check the comment load on this thread; if it looks necessary, i'll open a contingency overflow thread before the game starts.

i love today's pitching matchup, but i'm glad i'm missing the game; can't bear to root against morris. the crowd should give him a standing ovation -- he was great, even if he didn't quite get us there. here's a quick reminder of what he did for the franchise.

after the hr outburst last night, i decided to status-check the cardinals' homerun differential, on which i've been keeping an eye since this post in late june. at that time they'd been outhomered by 21 on the season; horrid. but they're whittled the deficit down to 9, which still isn't good but is a whole lot less bad. they're no longer the worst in this category among the playoff contenders:

hr opp
mets 186 164 +22
giants 149 133 +16
marlins 165 151 +14
phillies 196 188 +8
cardinals 165 174 -9
padres 145 155 -10
dodgers 129 140 -11

dodgers won last night, by the way, 3-1; the two ageless wonders put on quite a show, with maddux prevailing on the strength of 7 one-hit innings. . . . . so anyway, the hr differential. how have the cardinals closed the gap --- by hitting more homers or yielding fewer of them? survey says: both.

hr opp
april 29 28 +1
may 26 26 --
june 16 40 -24
july 35 30 +5
august 39 39 --
september 20 13 +7

the cardinals have a chance to achieve their highest monthly hr output in september, and their lowest hr allowance. i'm sure i am not the only one who didn't know the cards have been outhomered only 1 month out of 6 this year; it seems like they get outhomered every week. anyway, they're +12 in home runs since july 1; take whatever encouragement you want to from that.