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What a night --- + Game 145 Open Thread

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marquis oswalt
14-14, 5.66 12-8, 3.15

Now that was a truly strange game--it had everything we've come to expect from a Cardinals-Astros matchup--multiple lead changes, freak injuries, star players melting down against umpires, and, of course, Albert hitting the game winning RBI with Lidge on the mound.

I really wonder what that ump said to Rolen to make him get angry like that--screaming about balls and strikes is really Jimmy E territory, and not all that much like Scotty at all, but he seemed genuninely enraged.

I also wonder what the hell is up with Weaver--he seemed to be Jeckyl and Hyde simultaneously last night--he coughed up a run or two every inning, but he also really knuckled down and got himself out of some very high leverage situations. His stuff looked good, except every once in a while, when it completely flattened out and became home runs. He is more of a cypher to me than Marquis, who just doesn't have the same stuff anymore.