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Game 133 Open Thread: September 1, 2006

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carpenter duke
12-6, 2.96 8-12, 5.01

roster expansion day; the cards have recalled j-rod, reyes, and brad thompson. more moves anticipated after memphis plays out its schedule; last game is monday.

my favorite september callup ever is kelly paris, who got to dodger stadium just before game time on september 1, 1982, and made his big-league debut in the top of the 13th with the score tied 5-5. he led off with a single, moved to 2d on a bunt by tommy herr, and remained there as mike ramsey whiffed and pinch-hitting geo hendrick took an intentional walk. ozzie smith, batting w two outs, squibbed one to 2d and beat the throw . . . . and exactly what happened next i remember only dimly. i think paris did just what dan uggla did on last night's game-ending play --- viz., overran 3d base on an infield hit and drew a throw. but instead of diving back into the bag, paris just kept on going and beat the relay home to score the go-ahead run. if it didn't happen exactly like that, it was something similar --- a weird play, with the ball traveling to and fro across the infield and whitey's rats scampering around a step ahead of it. paris scored, the cards won the game --- i do know that. i'm hoping some of you graybeards can help me remember the details . . . .

the upshot: cards won the game 6-5 and stretched their lead over the phillies to 3.5 games. exciting times --- the cards hadn't been in 1st place on september 1 since 1968. well, not unless you count the strike year, 1981, when they led the 2d-half "race" for the division with a 12-7 record. . . .

paris was a very highly regarded prospect, former 2d-round draft pick who spent 1982 at triple A and hit .328 as a shortstop, with 11 homers. herzog gave him a few starts at 3d base down the stretch vs left-handed pitchers, spelling the lh-hitting kenny oberkfell. kid went 0 for his next 16 after the l.a. debut, but give him a break --- most of his at-bats came against steve carlton or montreal ace steve rogers. after the cardinals clinched, he started four straight games at shortstop while ozzie rested; ended up 3 for 29 with 1 rbi and the lone run scored.