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Game 131 Open Thread: August 30, 2006

marquis nolasco
13-12, 5.77 11-8, 4.45

quick post from the road, just two items:

the trade talks for wells appear to have stalled; per bernie, the sox asked for wainright duncan or rasmus, and jocketty shrewdly told them to shove it. mulder, though not officially shut down, is likely headed for surgery; with no trade in the offing, i guess they'll have to use reyes (the horror!!!) when mark's turn comes up in the rotation. that'd be sunday.

or they could get cute and have a bullpen game.

tonight's marlin starter, ricky nolasco, has turned in 12 quality starts in 18 tries. that said, he's defenseless vs left-handed hitters. they've jacked him up bad --- .352 / .403 / .587, 11 hr in 240 plate appearances. right-handers, by contrast, can't touch him --- .227 / .294 / .349 in 267 PA. he's a rookie, and his stats aren't a whole heckuva lot better than reyes'; he'd only pitched a handful of innings above double A before this year. but the marlins keep sending him out there, and he's learning the game --- 5.00 era in 10 starts before the all-star break, 3.57 era in 8 starts since the break.

takes these rookies a while to get settled in sometimes . . . . .