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Game 107 Open Thread: August 3, 2006

marquis hamels
12-8, 5.67 3-5, 5.71

been out/about all day; just dropping by to do a quick costume change, then head right back out again. i hate days like this. a few items:

  • bernie reports from the stadium that jeff weaver will take the ball for his scheduled start next monday in cincinnati. whatever.
  • the cardinals will go with an all rh lineup: gooch in center, zpiez in left. bennett's catching; belliard is batting 2d. lineups are here.
  • david pinto gives chase utley a ~75 percent chance of getting a base hit tonight. he estimates that utley has a 10 percent chance of extending his hitting streak to 44 games, which would tie pete rose for the nl record; utley's chance of tying dimaggio is estimated at 0.6 percent.
  • no percentage given for jason marquis' chance of mounting a 44-game streak.
  • cole hamels is the 4th rookie pitcher the cardinals have faced in their last 7 games. they lost all 3 of the previous matchups.