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ugly tone at VEB today

i'm really upset about the tone of this place right now. everybody chill the hell out and let me enjoy the last few hours of my vacation. when i get back, this place needs fumigated --- big time.

a lot of newcomers to this place are way over the top today, acting like idiots. if you have something intelligent to say, say it --- otherwise go post your dumb "vent" threads and your low-class "f you la russa" garbage at some other site.

not mine.

i need to hear from you guys`--- if there is a particular post or poster that has made you go "yechhh" recently, e-mail me: the community here does not have to get uglier as it gets larger; standards of appropriate behavior and tone can and will be upheld. getting feedback from all of you will make it easier to establish and maintain appropriate standards.