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Game 122 game thread: Aug 20, 2006

suppan zambronhead
9-7, 5.00 13-5, 3.37

That was a satisfying game, as is any game where the Cardinals drop the hammer on the Cubs. When I turned yesterday's game on, the score was 4-3, and I was nervously waiting my way through a tense pitchers' duel. By the time we were done with the little wild ride, it was a rediculous blowout, but this time, one that did not leave me feeling empty inside after watching Marquis surrender 5 HR.

This effective start (if a 5.4 game ERA is effective) probably also guarantees that we're going to see yet more of Jason Marquis, while Anthony Reyes will get more of a chance to become aquainted with the attractions in Memphis. Perhaps it was just a saavy move on the part of Jocketty based on Marquis' lack of options and Reyes pending super-2 status. I can give a break to the brain trust if that's the case. If it's some sort of irrational reaction to 'veteran' players or to Reyes' ineffectiveness, then my rage has no bound.

As far as our little cypher Jason, I looked up a cute little split for him that I don't think anyone else has looked at before for Marquis:

Jason gets
on base
4.44 4.60
Jason doesn't
6.45 4.20

However, given the progress in St. Louis music since 1987, combined with the wonderfulness of the 2004-05 teams, and the frustrating, but still division-winning nature of this years' team, I propose that this particular song is a much, much more fitting choice for an official 2006 Cardinals' anthem.

Because we've been in a deep rut.

And it's been killing me