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Game 119 Game Thread: Cornrows vs. high socks

reyes arroyo

4-5, 4.26 9-8, 3.54

So, we've got the matchup of the crazy lunatic Bronson Arroyo (seriously, click on that second link if you don't regularly visit Deadspin. it will change you for the better) with our own favorite rookie, Anthony Reyes.

We all know that Reyes has been up and down this year, and has seemed to have the worst possible matchups as he's gone around the league. His last two starts have been positive, and have indicated that there might actually be a move away from the pitch to contact philosophy that was seemingly been forced upon him. Which Reyes shows up tonight? Can the Cards get to Arroyo? We'll know momentarily.

Oh, and I'm out for a friend's birthday dinner. If we get to 200 comments, could someone start a diary as an overflow thread?