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jeff weaver to cardinals

the news is so fresh i can't find a link; DJ87 posted it in the game-thread comments. the cards gave up AA outfielder terry evans and cash.

here is a link from espn. it's a necessary move, can only help.

Update [2006-7-5 22:49:17 by lboros]: here is weaver's career stat page at as i mused here, he has far more raw ability than sidney ponson -- or, for that matter, jason marquis or jeff suppan. if he gets it together, he could be a pretty solid pitcher. and if he doesn't . . . . is the team any worse off?

Update [2006-7-5 22:54:41 by lboros]: weaver's list of top comparables at baseball prospectus is led by esteban loiaza, followed by rick wise, steve trachsel, jaime navarro, mark clark, kevin millwood, todd stottlemyre, and pat hentgen. . . .interesting that 4 of the top 8 pitched for the cardinals, no? these comps all ring true; all were solid middle-rotation guys who were capable, in their best years, of pitching like aces.

i wouldn't expect an ace-like performance out of weaver, but vintage todd stottlemyre? bring it on.

his #1 comp (age adjusted) at baseball-reference is . . . . . sidney ponson. urp. followed by ismael valdez, scott erickson, livan hernandez, and brad radke.