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Game 98 Open Thread: July 24, 2006

reyes francis
2-3, 3.83 7-8, 3.98

for any of you who don't know it, i live in denver -- live, in fact, within walking distance of coors field. but i haven't seen a game there in years. that's partly a function of having small children, but more a function of hating the high-altitude game. it's an ordeal to sit through 9 innings here, truly; takes 4 hours to get it over with. just not my cup of tea.

i even stopped going to see the cardinals at coors, because i got tired of sitting through games like this one. or this.
to say nothing of this or that. and can any fan, for either side, really enjoy an experience like this?

but the humidor has changed all that. baseball at coors canaveral now bears more in common with the major-league game than with the slo-pitch beer-league variety. and the rockies have some interesting young players, including the kid who is pitching for them tonight. plus, i now have my very important responsibilities as a blogger, which must take precedence over my personal biases . . . . . good pitching matchup between two of the nl's better young hurlers --- what the hell, i can prob'y stand it. but wouldn't you know, i've got a prior commitment on the calendar -- first time in forever i am actively seeking out baseball at coors, and i can't go.

serves me right.

so i'll miss my pet pitcher, but i will be attending tuesday for an even better pitching matchup, carp vs jennings, then suit up in my body armor for suppan's likely shelling on wednesday (he's given up 4 hr in 12 career innings there).

the white sox are alleged to be closing in on fonzie soriano; they already have added a reliever from the royals and a backup catcher from the dodgers. bernie's board is rife with speculation about one of jocketty's assistant gms making a scouting trip to philadelphia -- abreu? burrell? maybe so, but i'd rather that the target be this guy. . . . . he did pitch last night, albeit not well.