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Game 95 Open Thread: July 21, 2006

suppan penny
6-5, 5.52 10-3, 3.26

kudos (and thanks) to Matt, who e-mailed dontrelle willis' agent about the trade talks and received this reply:

I don't believe that Dontrelle will be traded before the deadline. Based on a Marlin's strategy that seems to be focused around hoarding talented, pre-arbitration players, particularly pitching. Larry Beinfest has done an amazing job getting prospects for high priced veterans, and Dontrelle seems to be not only the face of the Marlins, but a number one starter for many years.
he goes on in that vein, but you get the drift. the agent adds the caveat: "it's only my opinion."

here's another mildly interesting tidbit: chris lambert got promoted to memphis yesterday. the redbirds have two doubleheaders this weekend vs iowa, due to a series of rainouts back in late april; lambert will make one of the starts. i'm told on reliable authority that there will be scouts on hand from several teams -- including the marlins . .

also re memphis, nice article by derrick goold about the woes of a triple A franchise . . .

in all the hullaballoo, we've neglected to mention that trey hearne turned in another tidy start last night - 6 innings of 3-hit, 1-run ball. he departed with the score tied; quad cities won with a late rally.