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Game 89 Open Thread: July 14, 2006

carpenter lowe
7-4, 3.08 7-5, 3.88

sports illustrated's john heyman says the white sox are shopping starting pitchers. i think either of the two players named would look good on the cardinals, but jocketty doesn't have the commodity chixos are allegedly seeking (ie, a setup man) -- unless the sox would take braden looper . . . . or jock would give them adam wainwright, who's miscast in the role to begin with.

mlbtraderumors surmises that the mets are a logical fit. . . . it's also the case that there are always rumors coming out of the sox camp, so this just might be more of ken williams' sonar -- send out a signal, measure the echo, gauge the shape of the landscape.

in any case, i think the cards are done trading for pitchers. if there's a move, it'll be for a bat.

or so it seems today; this hour.

jaime garcia pitched well last night for palm beach: 7 innings, 8 hits, 1 walk, 6 strikeouts. he departed with a 4-3 lead but lost the win when PB closer mike sillman blew the save in the bottom of the 9th. jaime's overall line remains just so-so -- 3.70 era, 1.64 whip, 5 walks 17 strikeouts -- but that's mainly due to one bad outing.

haven't had enough analysis of The Big Trade yet? my colleague marc normandin weighs in at Beyond the Boxscore. . . . .