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Game 79 Open Thread: July 1, 2006

ponson redman
4-3, 4.95 5-4, 5.35

i have neither the time nor the heart to sift back through that one . . . . suffice to say it's a game that a good team wins. and the cardinals aren't a very good team right now. pujols made them look good for two months, putting up numbers sufficient for two all-star players; but he's still illin' (plain to see) and not presently capable of superhuman feats. which leaves the all-too-human flaws of his rostermates to go unredeemed. the headline in this morning's kansas city star says it all: "cards no big deal."

this being the start of a new month and a celebratory weekend, i won't sustain these gloomy reflections; to what purpose? gonna take a quick look at the minors and then get outside into the fresh air and forget about the baseball team for awhile. . . . .

jaime garcia threw 7 shutout innings and notched his first win for palm beach. he gave up 9 singles and a double but walked nobody and struck out 5; the lefty also picked a man off, had another baserunner cut down stealing, and induced a double play. mike sillman saved his 18th game, lowered his era to 1.08; he has whiffed 45 men in 33 innings.

trey hearne, the Official Sleeper Prospect of the VEB Community, continued his run of excellent starts: 1 run in 6 innings for quad cities last night. he walked a few men (4) but lowered his era to 2.29. 2d-round draft pick john jay made his professional debut in that game: 2 for 4 with a triple.

another 2d-rounder, brad furnish, made this 3d professional start and tossed 3 no-hit innings for state college. i don't know why he left at that point; he couldn't have thrown more than 45 pitches or so, and he stayed in for 4+ innings in each of his previous outings . . . can't find anything at the team's official site. i'll send out an e-mail and see if there's anything to learn.

Update [2006-7-1 18:17:8 by lboros]: the lineups:

dejesus, lf eckstein, ss
grud'k, 2b zpiezio, lf
mient'z, 1b pujols, 1b
sanders, rf rolen, 3b
teahen, 3b en'cion, rf
berroa, ss luna, 2b
bako, c molina, c
gathright, cf taguchi, cf
redman, p ponson, p