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Game 60 Open Thread: June 9, 2006

mulder de la rosa
5-4, 4.71 2-2, 7.90

one last bit of news on the grimsley affidavit, in case you missed it: chris mihlfeld (ie, pujols' personal trainer) denies that he was named in the document. says he is not the guy we have been referring to around here as 'redacted.' let's all hope the denial sticks.

so, where were we? oh yeah --- lost 5 of last 6, injured franchise player, sagging offense, frayed pitching staff . . . 2d place. but things have been even worse for the brewers, who have gone 3-9 in the last two weeks and are 15-21 since may 1. their ace, ben sheets, is on the dl, and their closer, derrick turnbow, is faring even worse than our own jason is'hausen: he has blown 4 of his last 8 save opps, dating back to mid-may, and has a 7.24 era in that three-week span. the brewers remain dangerous at home, though -- 20-13 is 3d-best in the national league, behind only stl and houston.

the cards are back in 2d place for the first time since may 11, a 1st-place run of 29 days; they're still tied for the lead in the loss column.

after tonight's contest, 100 --- no, 102 --- games to go.