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just when you thought . . .

. . . . it couldn't get any worse:

Grimsley says that a former employee of [redacted] and personal fitness trainer to several Major League Baseball players once referred him to an amphetamine source.. Later, this source provided him with "amphetamines, anabolic steroids and human growth hormone." This trainer? His name is Chris Mihlfeld, a Kansas City-based "strength and conditioning guru." (And former Strength And Conditioning Coordinator for the Royals.)

Does Mihlfeld's name sound familiar? If it doesn't, he -- and we assure you, this gives us no pleasure to write this -- has been Albert Pujols' personal trainer since before Pujols was drafted by the Cardinals in the 13th round of the 1999 draft. We have no confirmation that Pujols' name is in the affidavit ... but Mihlfeld's is.

posted today at deadspin, which as you probably know is edited by a diehard cardinal fan, will leitch.

hat tip, cardinals diaspora.

Update [2006-6-8 18:14:16 by lboros]: PGeorge points out a nuance that escaped me on first reading, in my shock at seeing albert dragged into this mess (although how could i have not seen it coming. . . . ). here's the nuance: the guy with the redacted name (presumably mihfeld) did not directly supply grimsley with junk; he referred grimsley to a source. that's a layer of remove, and perhaps albert's 1st line of defense if he really is clean. if no other mihfeld clients get implicated in this, and mihfeld's only involvement was to direct grimsley to a source . . . . that's a pretty thin case against el hombre.

but if other mihfeld clients are identified as abusers, either by grimsley or through other sources . . . . then it looks lots worse.