amateur draft diary

john sickels held his 2d ann'l mock amateur draft day before yesterday at Minor League Ball. mizzou pitcher max scherzer and missouri state pitcher brett sinkbell both went in the 1st round -- scherzer to the rangers with the 12th pick, and sinkbell to the twins with pick no. 20. the cardinals' mock draft picks were as follows:

  • 1st rd, 30th pick: chris parmalee, outfielder,
  • 1st rd supplemental, 42d pick: jason place, hs outfielder
  • 2d rd, 54th pick: aaron miller, hs of-p
  • 2d rd, 74th pick: hs sean black, p
  • 2d rd supplemental, 76th pick: derrick lutz, p, geo wash'ton u
  • 3d rd, 106th pick: jon jay, of, u of miami
  • 4th rd, 136th pick: whit robbins, 3b-1b, ga tech
  • 5th rd, 166th pick: brandon holden, hs p
  • baseball america's jim callis ran his own mock draft -- round 1, anyway -- and projected the cards to expend their 1st-rd pick on mizzou pitcher max scherzer (the tigers, in case you missed it, completed a 2-game sweep of host pepperdine yesterday to win the malibu regional of the ncaa playoffs). callis has the cards taking another college pitcher -- ian kennedy of usc, anthony reyes' alma mater -- with their supplemental 1st-rd pick (the compensation for matt morris).

    the real draft gets underway today. once again st louis has a nice package of early picks -- 6 in the first 3 rounds. last year's draft is shaping up pretty nicely -- rasmus, stavinoha, mccormick, bryan anderson, and jaime garcia all show a lot of promise, and nick webber and eric haberer are holding their own in high a ball.

    you can follow the draft live at; here's a st louis draft preview. i'm hoping that, collectively, we can maintain a running list of the cardinals' draft picks in this thread -- and, for the matter, any other teams' picks that are of interest.