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Game 58 Open Thread: June 6, 2006

carpenter milton
4-2, 2.63 3-2, 4.89

the latest estimate on albert: four to six weeks. sounds right to me, man. take it slow; let it heal; come back whole.

the photo accompanying that article shows albert braiding esteban yan's right oblique muscle, licorice-like, with his bare hands. good to see his sense of humor remains intact.

carpenter comes off the DL to pitch tonight and larry bigbie goes back on with an umbilical hernia -- requires surgery. he'll be out at least a month, maybe longer.

i wonder if he caught it from edmonds . . . .

bigbie's DL-ment apparently was the mystery roster move that la russa alluded to last night, and which got some of us specsalatin' this morning about a big mulder-for-willie-mays trade. i haven't felt this let down since last fall, when the mystery steroid-test snaree turned out to be not damon, not clemens, but matt lawton . . . .

ken rosenthal sez: don't carry a torch for jason schmidt; the giants won't be dumping him before the trade deadline. but ros'thal thinks (keep scrolling down) the brewers might dump carlos lee, mebbe even to the cardinals -- hah, fat chance. like jocketty would trade any worthwhile prospects within the division.

rosenthal thinks the cards might like carl crawford, too . . . .

the rocket is pitching for houston's class a team in lexington, ky.

see danup for a look at the cards' class-a hitters and reverend redbird for a breakdown of the win expectancy graph of last night's collapse.