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Game 57 Open Thread: June 5, 2006

suppan claussen
5-4, 5.06 3-6, 5.40

check this out: one week to the day after a blogger named Sister Daedalus stuck pins in voodoo albert, dude goes down with an injury. that's some serious hocus pocus . . . .

will carroll wrote up his notes on pujols' injury at baseball prospectus; subscription only, but here's the gist: "I'd expect the Cards to be ultraconservative with this injury, keeping Pujols on the shelf beyond the minimum, but less than the oft-quoted six weeks." if it's less than 6 weeks and he comes back healthy, big whew. i'm not sure, though, if carroll knew about the voodoo thing when he wrote that opinion.

Update [2006-6-5 17:33:0 by lboros]: just saw this, at my SB Nation brother site Fake Teams:

Listening to XM Radio's Fantasy Focus with Jeff Erickson, the guest was Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus, and he reports that Albert Pujol's rib injury is worse than reported so far. He said it could be felt with the fingers and was still spreading -akin to a bruise spreading.
for whatever it's worth. . . . [end update]

carroll, by the way, doesn't think the edmonds deployment was such a terrible idea. on the contrary:

If Edmonds is only being placed slightly at risk in order to try and hold the team's lead in the standings, this is an inspired move. Even if he has a more significant injury, Edmonds is at the tail of his career for a team that needs to be bold.
i gotta wonder if edmonds, who is playing for a new contract, is equally sanguine about the possibility of a more serious injury . . . . then again, the imperative to bring presentable numbers to next off-season's negotiating table might leave edmonds with little choice but to take this risk.

agree or disagree with how his case has been handled, let's all agree that the guy's showing some laudable toughness. he's got a nasty injury; that was a pretty heroic display he put on yesterday.

on the eve of the amateur draft, derrick goold profiles a potential steal from last year's draft, 22d rounder jaime garcia.

more amateur news: potential 1st-rounder max scherzer is trying to pitch the missouri tigers into the college world series today in a winner-take-all showdown vs regional host pepperdine. missouri has allowed only 9 runs in 33 innings during the regional, or 2.45 runs per 9 innings -- vs aluminum bats, mind you. the game started at 3 pm central; it's now 1-0 missouri in the bottom of the 3d. updates in this thread as available, or head to this page and click on the game tracker link to follow the action live. or you can watch it on pepperdine's tv network -- go here.

supps has turned in 6 quality starts in 11 outings this season. his opponent, brandon claussen, has made only 3 q.s. . . .