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that was the streak that was

i found this at a british web site called Scorpio Tales:

Beggars Can't Be Choosers

This expression was in use by 1546, when it appeared in a book of proverbs compiled by John Heywood, in the form: 'Folk say always, beggars should be no choosers.' Another proverb, 'If wishes were horses then beggars would ride,' approaches this situation from a different angle. . . .

a whole team of those horses showed up in the bottom of the 9th last night -- wearing seat-cushion saddles -- and carried the cardinals to a win. it was the sickliest, least praiseworthy win that ever busted a losing streak; the linescore equivalent of a filthy, stinking pile of rags. but those vestments are draped around each of us penniless cardinal nationites this morning; i'm wearing mine, with gratitude. the stench makes you gag occasionally, but it still feels good to be warm again, no?

such is the national league dress code in this E-6 of a season. some facts n figures from the streak that was:

cardinals opponents
289 ab 289
28 r 68
81 h 97
15 2b 22
0 3b 1
5 hr 18
14 bb 20
48 k 50
.280 avg .336
.318 obp .381
.384 slg .606

check out the avg/obp/slg lines. the cardinals, as a team, were aaron miles in that streak -- high average, but no walks and no power -- while their opponents were vlad guerrero.

goodbye n good riddance.

gotta cut it off here -- 3-hour work session looms. extend this post ifya want by checking out this link to Outsider Radio, a podcast that originates in seattle. their sports guy read the WSJ article and wanted to talk it over with me, also get the skinny on the suddenly flightless cardinals. we finally talked yesterday, after having tried without success to establish contact since last tuesday --- the day the losing streak began. we finally did the interview; now the streak is over. . . . . . hmmmm.

happy off day.