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Game 68 Open Thread: June 18, 2006

carpenter fogg
5-3, 2.57 4-4, 4.91

sunday a.m. news: ponson's out of the rotation; he moves to the bullpen. will his place be taken by reyes? they're being coy for now, which is par for the course; but what the hell else they gonna do, another "bullpen game"? the article says they're contemplating a reyes start on thursday vs the white sox at comiskey, but wouldn't it make more sense to start the kid in detroit a day later? comiskey's a homer-run park, whereas comerica's spacious dimensions make it an ideal environment for a flyball pitcher. . . .

those of us impatient for reyes to get his chance ought to be thankful we're not angels fans. that team's star rookie, jered weaver, came up for the injured a.l. cy young winner, bartolo colon, and made four starts -- went 4-0 with a 1.37 era and 0.76 whip. but colon's ready to pitch again, so they're sending weaver down -- while his brother, jeff, remains in the rotation with a 3-9 record and 6.02 era.


the cardinals have gotten quality starts the last two games in a row -- first back-to-back q.s. since may 31/june 2. the team leaders in quality starts:

  1. carpenter, 8 q.s. / 12 starts (67 pct)
  2. suppan, 8 / 14 (57 pct)
  3. mulder, 8 / 14 (57 pct)
  4. marquis, 7 / 14 (50 pct)
  5. ponson, 4 / 10 (40 pct)
blake hawksworth started for the "east" squad in the florida state league all-star game, threw an inning and yielded an unearned run. the "west" won the game, 7-4.

think the stl ownership has made a pr gaffe or two lately? check out the bile being spewed by these kansas city partisans on the royals' "official team blog." man, it must royally suck to be one of them.