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Game 66 Open Thread: June 16, 2006

marquis cook
8-4, 4.88 5-6, 3.75

pujols is already back on the field, and the latest buzz (per bernie) is that he might be activated next week. . . . if he does indeed return, it will be after an absence of just over three weeks. whatever happened to the ultraconservative timetable? here's dr geo paletta, speaking the day after the injury:

"This is an injury that we are going to be extremely cautious with, because if you send the guy out there too early, then you have a major setback and a major re-injury."
i fretted about edmonds' early return, and that seems to have worked out ok. so i'm not gonna fret; i'm just pointing out that an expedited return, if it happens, would contradict the team's own professions on the subject.

leave it at that.

Update [2006-6-16 17:57:50 by lboros]: addendum to the when-albert speccalation:

TLR downplaying expectations, as predicted...

"He's been exercising. It shows he's improving. He wouldn't get clearance to increase it unless he was doing well. But there's no timetable. I've been encouraged not to speculate. When it's time, it's time. The last test he'll pass is when he can play the game of baseball 100 percent."

The talk in the clubhouse is this: at this point, the boys wouldn't be surprised at all to see Pujols activated sometime during the trip to CHI and DET.

other news n stuff: